Sarah’s Family

Sarah wanted some beautifully natural photos of her, her partner, and their three kids playing naturally, and being themselves. We visited Newburn Park, just behind the Keelman pub, on a gorgeously sunny spring evening. Here’s the results, with more to follow!


For some fun we gave the kids some bubbles, well lots of bubbles to be honest!  Some big ones and some little ones.  The kids loved them!

More Arrive

When the kids Gran heard that I was shooting her photos, she asked if her sons could join in.  The more the merrier!

Paint Fight!

And now for the real fun!  Sarah asked if we could do something a bit different and colourful, so what better than a paint fight!  Let the chaos commence!

Ice Cream

Once the chaos of the paint fight had died-down we bought some deliciously refreshing ice cream to cool down the kids.  What an awesome afternoon in the park!